Monday, July 19, 2010

Yellowstone Falls and River Canyon

Lower Falls
Yellowstone River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

We have just left Yellowstone NP and for the first time in a week we have a reliable Internet connection. What a week! It is so difficult to capture the expanse of the park. The caldera of the ancient volcano that erupted over 600 thousand years ago wasn't discovered until it was photographed from space. I felt like we were trying to capture the feeling of an elephant by shooting pictures up it's left nostril. There is no way to be on the ground and stand back far enough to capture the breath of the experience. So we can only present the experience in parts. We are catching our breath .... I mean literally. There is a lot less oxygen at 8,000 feet. I feel ten year younger at 4,000 feet today.

So.... there we were at Canyon Village at every overlook that takes in the Falls and Yellowstone River Canyon. Carol captured the classic view above. The water was flowing well providing solid green water streams over the crest.

Lower Falls - Black and White

This shot in black and white provided me a feeling of nostalgia from a time when early photographers would include park guests in the picture to provide a sense of scale or to entice 19th century politicians to create the parks for their constituency. The sun was just far enough to the west to light up the falls while back lighting the trees.... a nice effect for black and white.

Yellowstone River Canyon
From Inspiration Point, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Looking down river the river has created a nice canyon and the high sun illuminated the cliffs and brought out great color. It is one of the few times in landscape photography where midday sun is the best. It's also nice to occasionally sleep in.

Soon we hope to offer other postings with a few wildlife pictures and another with natures art seen at Mammoth Hot Springs. We are on our way to Glacier National Park for a week of shooting there. Hope you are having a great summer.


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